Water broke at 1030pm on jan 9

Water broke at 1030pm on jan 9. Literally thought i had accidentally peed my pants until it happened again do i went to L&D to be checked. Surely enough water did break. Around 12am they started me on pitocin to regulate comtractions. Had to slow it down a couple times as my sons heart rate kept jumping up a bit at first. Around 3am my contractions got unbearable and i was basically screamimg for the epidural. Had to wait for him to arrive as he had to be called in. Epidural ended up turning into a spinal catheter as somehow it had gone through my dura matter and i was paralyzed from the rib cage down for about 3 hours until it finally weared down a bit. Had a couple complications immediately after as my dons heart rate dropped my oxygen dropped and my blood pressure dropped. But was quickly leveled back out in a few minutes after some medication and a oxygen mask. Had to touch up right before deliverying since the comtractions became unbearable again. Dilated from a 3 to a 5.5 by 2am and alittle over a hour after the edpidural was placed i was at a 9.75. Had a total of about 8 hours of labor and then 10-15 minutes of pushing. Amazed all my nurses and the doctor with how quickly it went as this was my first child ever. Baby did come out with the cord loosly wrapped around his neck which was then linked to his heart rate dropping a couple hours before. Had a 1st degree tear and a couple pereneal tears so needed a couple stitches. Baby boy was born 7lbs 2oz with a head full of hair and came just 2 days after my birthday and absolutely loves cuddles with his mommy