I am so excited! I got my positive today!

Soon 2B Mom of 2

I was lucky to get pregnant the first month we were trying, but unfortunately I had a MC at 6 weeks. This was very devastating to me, I didn’t realize I wanted this baby so much until I lost it.

I would of been due at the end of this month with him/ her... I have been thinking about it a lot and wondering why it’s taking so long to get pregnant again... is there something wrong with me?

Well wonder no more! I just got my BFP tonight! There are no words to express how excited I am! Now to figure out how to deliver the news to my husband when he gets home🤔...

Also, if everyone can keep me and my little one one in your thoughts and prayers, that this one sticks and is born happy and heathy 🙏🏻 I would really appreciate it!