I’m a bad mom


Now that many of us have had our babies, what are some things you’ve done that you thought you wouldn’t do? I have more than a few things that I’m not proud of.

Swings: Before having my son, I believed swings were completely unnecessary and actually cruel to use. Now I use mine daily and my son loves it! He even naps in it when I’m desperate.

Baby monitor: I was terrified of having a WiFi video monitor that I could check on my phone, because I was worried hackers would watch my son, but they really are the most convenient to use, and my husband loves being able to check on our son in the nursery while he’s at work.

Sleeping: I was 100% against letting the baby sleep with us, but during the most difficult first weeks of no sleep we eventually gave in and pulled our son into bed with us almost every night. What I thought was the worst possible habit, turned out to be a survival trick for us as it was the only way for us to get more than 3 hours of sleep in a row. Plus, I ended up loving snuggling with my son more than I could ever imagine! It didn’t affect our very successful sleep training later on, so I consider it a win win.

Baths: As much as my son loves baths, now that he’s too big for our kitchen sink insert, it’s a pain to fill up the bathtub every day. Now we just bring him in the shower with us to save time! I was totally against this because I thought it was so unsafe since I had heard plenty of warnings about parents dropping their babies, but it’s what works for us right now.

Cleanliness: I vowed I would never be a parent who let their babies play with toys that fall on the ground, but this one quickly went out the window when our son was screaming for his dragonfly toy that he had just dropped on the kitchen floor. Gotta keep Baby happy.

TV: this one shocked me the most. I figured my kids would watch tv at some point, but I never thought it would start so soon! It all started when we noticed how enthralled our son was when he was sitting on my husband’s lap watching football. Now, when we’re absolutely desperate at dinner time, we stick him in his Nuna Leaf with the sway motion turned on, and he stays quiet for at least 10 minutes (enough time for us to scarf down our meal) watching the PBS kids station.