Halp. I’ve done it again. I need an adult.


My hands keep tryna google the hell out of shit and pick up tests while grocery shopping. And I’m like BAD hands.

Ladies. This is supposed to be my first stress free no obsessing take it easy month. AND IM LOSING MY SHIT. Why???

Because I felt O pains (strong ones) on CD 16.

THEN GIRLS. On CD 20ish I start spotting only when wiping. I’m like whatever it’s O bleeding or breakthrough bleeding or something completely normal. I’m not even a little obsessed yet. I’m chilling.

But now.. spotting is still occurring off and on. A pale pale pink and a tiny brown only when wiping. I’m like wtf? And with my other two pregnancies 8 and 3 years (conception not kiddos ages) this happened too. So now I’m like...... I should test. And then I’m like no no, you said no testing until AF is late. That was on Sunday. Way too early to actually test so I....

BUT NOW LADIES, it’s CD 26 and tomorrow is 5 days before AF and I got money to spare and IM GOING TO RELAPSE ON MY FIRST MONTH GUYS HELP ME!