HCG levels going up during miscarriage?

Hi ladies. I’m seeing my doctor again in a few days but in the meantime I thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone else had a similar experience.

I started to miscarry at 6 weeks. Ultrasound in the ER showed nothing in my uterus or my tubes. My levels were 84

Second blood draw a few days later and they were 70.

About 2 weeks go by and my bleeding turns brown and light. (Yay! Light at the end of the tunnel.) But a few nights ago it became gushing red as I felt sick-like so I went back to my doctor, they did an ultrasound and nothing seemed to be sticking around so she gave me medicine to help slow down the bleeding.

I get a call from my doctor asking me to schedule another ultrasound saying my HCG levels was 204!

She said it could be a new pregnancy but I said it can’t be because my husband and I haven’t had sex out a fear of infection. So she said it could be ectopic. I’m so scared it’s been ectopic this whole time and at risk to need my tube removed. Does anyone have any other ideas? Can I still get pregnant if that happens?