Long distance


Story time for LDR’s!! Ive been with the love of my life for a little over a year he joined the army 4 months into our relationship and as going from seeing each other all the time to not seeing each other you best believed i cried my eyes out. I did not see him for 10 months and believe me it was hard but what i did was i focused on my self and talked to him sometimes, spent some time with family and before you know it time flew by. He surprised me in Dec,2017 and i enjoyed every moment with him, but oh man the day he left i was a baby we both cried 😭😭 but we love each other and actually long distance brought us closer!! Not sure when the next time i see him is, but i would be glad to wait 100 years...okay maybe not that long but i would wait for him to come see me and it will be worth it!! He is the love of my life and i wouldn’t want anybody else to have to spend the rest of my life!!