I love TTC with my boyfriend!!


My boyfriend and I have been together almost 6 years now! We have always had amazing sex and my partner is very adventurous. He likes to do and try everything at least once. I was a virgin when we started dating 2 months after my 19th Birthday. It wasn't that I hadn't had the opportunity to have sex prior, I just never felt comfortable with anyone and I struggled with panic attacks whenever I felt the least bit nervous but with him it was different!

It wasn't until my brother said "So are you two a couple then?" that I realised we were dating!! We had been to the cinema, rode down to the coast on the back of his motorbike and went to an indoor pool party at his boss's house and not once did I click! I was so at ease I just felt like he was a really attractive friend and we got on.

I originally met him through my mum. He is 6 years older than me and he and my mum were avid motorbike lovers. In all honesty, i thought he and my mum liked eachother and he was simply getting to know me. When I finally spoke to him about it he said that he got on with my mum but the only reason he would visit my house was because he knew he'd get to see me when I was home from Uni. I felt so stupid! How did I miss this?!

Anyway, my mum said he told her he liked me the day he first met me at his work (he is a motorbike mechanic). My bike broke down a lot so i spent a lot of time at his garage. We were both in relationships at that time so he couldn't act upon his feelings.

I had butterflies and knots in my stomach the first time we had sex but it was good and in no way felt like a panic attack was brewing. He was soft and gentle with me. I told him straight away it was my first time and he said he'd do or not do anything I wanted but let me tell you, I never once wanted him to stop! It felt so wonderful and I felt so loved!

Now, 6 years later we are TTC and I was worried that we would stop enjoying sex and it would simply be about making a baby and nothing else. It turns out that this was the best decision ever! Not only are we excited to make a baby but he is trying is hardest to make me feel special. I usually forget that we are TTC as I get so caught up in the moment. I actually sit at work thinking of new ways to surprise and seduce him but he always manages to do one better! I honestly can't wait to carry this man's baby!

I'd love to hear anyone else's love story, when you realised he was the one, if you are TTC!!! Anything! It makes me so happy to know there are others out there experiencing the same love and joy in their life! 😘