Hydrocortisone use during pregnancy


Are there any moms here who have used a 0.001% hydrocortisone topically during pregnancy? Were there any defects or miscarriages? I Google it tirelessly and apparently it's safe but I still feel too paranoid. I put the anonymous tick off, thanx for the heads up. BTW I have used it for months before conceiving and in the 1st few weeks before I missed my period. Absolutely no trouble conceiving and my baby's development and growth is on schedule. I discontinued using it because obviously I do not want to take any changes, but I have a hyper-active immune system and my skin freaks out over any and everything then I get eczema all over my body and I have tried everything on the market, plus googled all the ingredients in all of these eczema creams, turns out many of them are more dangerous to use during pregnancy. I usually get cortisone injections twice a year to keep it under control but that is not an option right now.