thirsty #part 2

Anna • Anna 🐠

I moan hard and you stand up ever so slowly waking over to me pushing the sexy lady off of me she gets up and strides out the door. leaving just me and you alone... you get on top of me nipping at my ear then making your way down my neck to my hard tits you bite one while playing with the other one. I moan more and you know what I want you stop and flip us over and you pound into me so hard you let out a moan that makes me grind harder and faster you grab onto my hips holding me down so you can stay in my for longer. once you cum inside me my whole body shakes in pleasure and I go still do a minute. we end the night my you licking out my juices and a super sexy shower together before we go to sleep. I'm at work the next day and you just turn up in my lunch break and you take me out to the car and all you want is a quick blow job so while you do get me I suck you off real hard for the rest of the day I was super horny and couldn't wait to get home to you . xx this is my first toimewrite g so please don't move mean