infertility turn around.

Jennifer • I've been on bc for the past 2 years and just decided to ttc with my husband to be. But being on bc for 2 years straight makes it difficult I was told my FSH level is high . I'm discuraged now.

here is some very inspirational stuff . two years ago my SO and I started ttc after 1 yr of no luck we went to a fertility specialist and were told I was pre menaposole. and every month for the last 7 months my day 3 And day 21 blood work confirmed those thoughts. We went for a fallow up today and find out that my fsh and lh levels are normal and not pre menaposole so our doctor is shocked and happy at the same time has prescribed fermera to me to help with ovulating as I don't do that every month. So fingers crossed that God will bless us with a little one soon.