Eeeee!! We're Asking For Dads Blessing Tomorrow!


Ladies wish us luck! Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to ask my dad for his blessing to get married.

But ladies Im scared out of my mind. I've been having nightmares all week about how wrong this could go.

See my dad and my boyfriend got off on the wrong foot due to a bad first impression (Danny didnt shake his hand when they met and my dad holds a grudge for YEARS). It got the point that everytime I went home to my parents house, my dad would talk about how much he didnt like Danny (who he'd barely met) because he didnt shake his hand. I refused to see my dad for 3 months because of the anxiety it was causing me.Y'all can see why Im terrified.

All this being said, I know if we skip this blessing step my dad might refuse to come to the wedding. I love my dad and this honestly breaks my heart. With or without the blessing we are going to get married, but oh gosh I really want everything to smooth over and work out.

Please, PLEASE drop any words of encouragement. If youre religious, maybe say a prayer. ❤ Danny is the most amazing, kindhearted, loving, man and I really want to marry him.

us :) ^^ 1 year/2 months together. We are both waiting til marriage for sex!