Am I being crazy?


Am I being crazy orrrrr?... I’m on the phone crying because I’m just going through a lot of shit right now. My mom and I literally fiat fought today and it’s just AOT. So I’m on the phone, crying, and my boyfriend says well I’m about to go to sleep..and idk I just got mad. So he says I love you and I’m just like “Bye malik”. Am I crazy for being mad!? I always feel like he’s so insensitive about my feelings and wtf Is it crazy for me to wan to stay up with me?? It’s not like he has anything to do in the am. He has court at 1pm... I guess maybe because if it were the other way around I’d stay up with could he just go to sleep knowing I’m over here just crying..I mean the ugly cry. What the fuck it’s pissing me off even more thinkin about it. I need advice quick before I send him a nasty ass text for him to wake up to about how fucking lame of a boyfriend he is..or am I just being a self centered b****