I have hypothyroidism and I’m trying to conceive!!

I went to my endocrinologist in October and told him that I was trying to have a baby so they upped my dose to 75 mcg from 50.

In November I found out that I can’t ovulate on my own. So gyno started me on clomid 50 mg to help with ovulation. Didnt work first round. So upped in in December to 100 mg. That didn’t work either. So January they changed me from clomid to letrozole. Well just got my results back from the letrozole progesterone test and it was a 1.0 which means I didn’t ovulate at all again.

I have made an appointment with my endocrinologist for this month to discuss with him if I should up my synthroid again.

Are there anything I should ask him? Or things I should do different?

I work out and eat right most of the time. But I am still gaining weight instead of losing for staying the same!

Any help would be great!!