39+5 •Leaking Fluid. Help!

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Quick background. 39+5 Weeks.

I Peed before bed at 9pm last night, and then had a gush of fluid that woke me up at 10pm, soaked my underwear, thought not much of it, changed undies, went back to sleep. Woke up again at 1:30am to another gush of fluid that soaked my underwear again. Thought if it was labour it would begin on its own and I had better get some rest just in case, change my underwear yet again and wake up wet with a few small gushes but not as much as the other two times...called midwife when I woke up and she said to be safe to meet at hospital to double check.

So, I just got back from the hospital.

I had the ph test, and the “fern” test under the microscope.

Ph came back positive for amniotic fluid but she also tested my urine and said that it is also very high ph, which meant the swab test was “inconclusive”

So because that was inconclusive, she had to do the microscope test to confirm if it is indeed amniotic fluid, while she was in there with the speculum getting her sample, she says there’s not a lot of fluid but there is copious amounts of mucous, and because there wasn’t much liquid....she ended up sampling the mucous instead.

This test came back negative for amniotic fluid.

So, she concluded that I have been peeing myself all night and day and that I was to page when I was in labour.

As I stood up off the hospital bed (after they had already asked me to pee for a sample) I had another gush that flowed right through my pants....she watched it happen, offered me a pad and sent me on my way.

Fast forward to 4pm now. I have had another 4 episodes of gushing since I’ve been home...

I’ve researched the accuracy of this test online and I saw that if the microscope test is overrun with “discharge” is can create a false negative....and she specifically told me she wasn’t able to get much fluid and that she took some mucous. So now, I’m afraid that this is a false negative, and I know you can’t go too long with a fluid leak before infection could set in. This just doesn’t seem right, and it’s been 16 hours now.

I feel like to have no issues with urinating on time and making it to the toilet with no issues.....to then suddenly have gushing like this for 16 hours randomly, is just off.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before?! Either a false negative test, or a practitioner who thought you were just peeing yourself and then it actually turned to labour on its own or by eventual induction.

Please, help me make some sense of all this!