What do I do ?? 😩

First off, i don’t even know if he’s my boyfriend or not anymore. We’ve dated/been dating for almost two years now. I don’t know when but he disappeared on me for a about six months until I confront him about it. He told me that he’s been going through stuff at home and he didn’t want me getting involved with them and it makes sense because he’s always been going through stuff at home, but I can’t help but to think that was an excuse. About a month ago he stopped texting me so I started sending him a bunch of messages asking him if he’s okay and stuff. He left me on seen one time so I sent him even more messages. Then he unfriended me on Snapchat so now I cant even message him on there anymore. I’ve tried Instagram and he’s ignoring me. It’s been going on for a month now and it’s starting to break my heart like it did before. I’m starting think he just broke up with me and wasn’t mature enough to actually break up with me. Its tearing me apart cause I don’t even know if I can call him my boyfriend anymore. He was so sweet and kind before and now he’s acting like a jerk. I fee bad for calling him that cause what if he really is going through something? He’s just Ignoring me and avoiding me. What should I do 😩😩? Do I move on? That will be the most hardest thing to do. I’m so in love with them. We started dating in 6th and grade and now we’re in 8th. I can’t take it anymore some please help. What would you do? I’m trying to forget about him because I’m sure he did break up with me so I need some advice please ! 😩😪