Fuck Valentine's.

I HATE the month of February. The first two weeks are what I call the V-Wars at my school. Everyone takes Valentine's day super seriously and always gets in fights over who's going to ask out who. I always have someone in mind to ask out but never can, because I'm always too scared. Middle Schoolers take Valentine's to seriously anyway. There will be 6th graders even trying to ask out someone and starting V-War Locker Room Fights. Plus, the candy tastes like shit. Why would you make candy hearts that taste like chalk or chocolate that tastes like toothpaste?! Plus there's this guy I really like who I want to ask out. Im seriously going to do it this time too. Only problem, I have to battle this girl Rilee for him. She's really popular and made it clear she wants him, so I guess I'll just have to claim him first. idk though, I'm not so good at V-Wars.