Changing Birthday Concept


I have a new view as regards birthdays

I don't think birthdays are meant for the child, I think they are meant for the mothers or parents

The child is celebrating a day he has no knowledge or memory of

While it's a day the mother went through a lot

Not knowing the outcome, fear , pain and a lot more

All for it to be celebrated yearly by the child

In logical sense, thay day is more about the mother, than of the child.

And I'll look at my birthday in a different way way henceforth

Like the anniversary of the day my mother went through a LOT.

It's like I should even call her on that day and congratulate her and appreciate the efforts she made that day

I don't think I'd ever look at birthdays the same way again

It's like a day we should celebrate for our mothers

It's actually mother's day

My next birthday, I hope to call my mum before she calls me, and wish her happy mother's day.

My journey through pregnancy actually resulted in this, and makes me wonder what my mother went through for me.

Note: this is solely my opinion and everyone has right to theirs. Not enforcing it on anyone, just saying what I think