My little 🌞

Ale β€’ 21 β€’ Happily in love for 7 years πŸ’ Mommy of two precious girls πŸ’•

I’m so glad I get to raise you a complete a different way than I was raised. I get to provide for you in the right way, be there for you in a different but GENUINE way, and love you in the PUREST way. My sunshine, you will never have to endure fear, pain , nor grief for as long as you’re beside me and daddy! I love you Nirvana. Becoming a mother gave me a whole new purpose in my life, I was so down and depressed every single day because of the never ending routine in life. then you came along and just healed my heart completely. I’ve never experienced a love like you ever before. I get to be a mother the RIGHT way, you gave me that chance.. to do things correct. Thank you. I love you my little princess 10.11.17 7:57am. 4 months later and still cry when I hear your little cry. Like the first time you came out of my womb .