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So, my husband and I have been TTC for a 7months now. Yesterday, we tried The Stork OTC. I haven’t seen many post on this, so I figured I would post about it so y’all could get some info on it.

I bought it at Target for $59.99. It is a one time use conception aide. It comes with two main parts: the applicator and the conceptacle. (It’s basically a condom with a cervical cap in it and a stick to up it up at your cervix.)

It was fairly simple to use, however, my husband could not get the condom on. It’s was to small and made out of silicon, so it had no stretch (and no lube!). We ended up taking the cervical cap out of the condom and having him finish in it.

Inserting it was very easy and painless. I kept it in for 6 hours. (Recommended 4-6) I could feel it, but no more than a soft cup. It was easy(ish) to remove. There is a string similarity a tampon that you pull. The suction on it was more than I was expecting. My cervix was very sore after removing it.

We did use it on my peek ovulation day according to OPK tests.

Hopefully it worked! I’ll keep y’all posted!!

*** Update ***

I am 2 dpo, (I get that this is super early and may have nothing to do with my cycle) I have had a terrible headache all afternoon and my stomach feels “off”. I just feel like something is going on in my body... 🤞🏼it’s a baby and not the flu! 😬


I am 8 dpo. Last night I woke up with pretty bad cramps. I don’t typically start my period early. In fact, I am almost always late... AF is a B**** to me... 🙄. Anyway, I’m praying it’s implementation! 🤞🏼


I am 9dpo, so I know it’s still so early, but I tested.... I may just have line eyes, but I’m praying these are vvvvvvvvf lines!! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼


Alright, so I am 11 dpo today and am officially calling it... I AM PREGNANT!!! Woohoo!!! I definitely believe that The Stork OTC helped us get there and would definitely recommend trying it!

Thank you all for follow my journey! I wish you all luck and baby dust!