Really hope I didn’t miss it 😢

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Ok so little back story: had a chemical last month, from the bleeding/my period I am now on CD 23. I’ve been testing and monitoring my CM, I don’t feel like I’ve ovulated based on how I normally feel every month. (Bloating, discomfort on one side of my abdomen, etc.) I have no idea what is going on with my cycle right now based on the below tests, and I still don’t have EWCM. A girlfriend I showed this to said the 12th looked positive to her, but I didn’t think at the time it was a positive yet.. and on the 12th I was definitely having lumpy, sticky CM still. Thoughts anyone?

Hubby and I were doing good with every other day but the 11th was an “off” night, the 12th my husband wasn’t feeling well, and last night we both fell asleep before we could do anything 😩 we want a baby so badly, after last month, and I’m really feeling like now I’m going to be out this month 😢