Baby boy arrived yesterday via csection


He was born at 9:03am weighing 8lbs 7oz!

i was scheduled for 8am! .. arrived at the hospital at 6am.. when i got here i was having contractions, after meeting with my OB, i decided i would just go ahead with the csection instead of waiting to see if i would progress.. it was already a long night of no sleep cuz i was too anxious.

before going down they make you put on nothing but a gown and ted stockings.. they shave you down there and put in an IV .. at around 8:20 they wheeled me down.. forgot how terrifying the whole experience is .. got to the OR and i was greeted by the lovely staff.. asked a bunch of questions.. went over the spinal procedure..

as he was talking he says your goina feel a little dig and ouch! .. i was shaking so bad but he said there that’s it, your done, spinal is in, he made it so much easier ..instead of the anticipation of take a deep breathe, needle going in etc lol ..

got the spinal and i was laid down.. covered and prepped.. before i knew it my husband was brought in and they started! .. i hate the whole process but that’s just me and anxiety.. the anesthesiologist was soo nice.. he talked us through.. he said i’ll give you a 30 second heads up when baby will be out so you can’t snap pics .. before u knew it’s he was born screaming! lol ..

i am soooo in love with my little boy, he has soooooo much hair .. and such a blessing .. i was afraid of bonding issues but am having none at all.. I’m feeling sooo blessed

recovery from this csection is a little worse than my last.. i just don’t like the fact that i can’t move around as freely as i’d like.. especially when baby is needing something.. but my hubby is such an awesome support!

wish all you ladies that are still waiting the best! .. a happy and healthy labour and delivery..