Is this a good Valentine’s Day gift?

Stephanie Rose • 23 , mommy and married learninghowtolove ❤️

This is our second Valentine’s Day together, first being married and our baby is due in a month so we won’t really be able to be splurging or anything once he’s here. One of my hubbys biggest concerns is staying healthy but being with the baby as much as possible. He’ll be working a lot and his workout is 2-3 hours everyday. So as a surprise I got him a weight bench and an Olympic bar with some weights. So he can be home working out and still getting to be around the baby outside of work as much possible. He was going to just cancel his gym membership and not work out but I know how much it means to him and how much it benefits him physically and mentally. Do you think this is a decent gift for Valentine’s Day? Or is it not really a gift worthy surprise? I’ve never celebrated this holiday before so I really don’t know what to be getting him. Last year we just got each other candy but I wanted to do something special for him.