Breastfeeding issues

Terra • Married to my Mr. Right. Mom to my IVF heart warrior daughter born November 16, 2017.

Since my daughter was born with a major heart defect and had open heart surgery at 7 days old I wasn’t able to breast feed her. Once she was recovering and we were working on her feeds I tried but it was to much work for her and her little heart so we had to switch to a bottle. I’ve spent countless hours hooked up to a pump pumping for her. Since being home we’ve managed to remove her feeding tube. I’ve still felt like I missed out on bonding and being able to feed my daughter. We still try most times she screams at me and wants nothing to do with the boob other times she will latch maybe only for 5 minutes or to fall asleep but it’s the best feeling and one of my favorite times spent with her. Hopefully we can keep working at it!