Need advice *TRIGGER*

I found out I was pregnant on 6th January then went for an early scan at 9w4d only to find out baby’s heartbeat had stopped at 7 weeks. I flew home to be with my family and my OH came with me we had been home 2 days when my mil was ringing about when he was coming home to see his 2 year old which he explained that I was getting my D&C; at home yet she rang again about how she text his sons mother to say he had to come home with me in an emergency and needed to know when he was coming home.

I wouldn’t have minded but he only sees his son when SHE wants him to see him and when she hasn’t got w boyfriend to play daddy. It’s taking a big toll on our relationship as we bow to her every want and need. I’ve had her son any night she asked then as soon as she met a new man she stopped all contact and tried to say my partner wasn’t caring for him properly and was a danger to him and now she’s pregnant again wants over nights to start again. I can’t keep going back and forward with all this drama and after a loss and ttc again it’s just all too much emotionally. I know this is his son and I can’t ask him to walk away so I’ve no choice but to leave myself as it’s not fair on him to have to choose the emotional side of it all.

What do I do or how can I make this any easier 😞