Is it time to move on?


So I’ve been with my boyfriend since we were sophomores so it’s been about 4 years now. I feel like I’m starting to outgrow him and that even though I love him with all my heart I might not be in love anymore. He’s a really sweet guy but I feel like he just doesn’t put in the same amount of effort as me and he isn’t romantic and makes me sad any time I bring it up. We’ve broken up 3 times already and every time we’ve gotten back together bc I feel like I made a mistake and he just takes me back. I feel like maybe were just not right anyone re but I don’t know how to not have him in my life.

My next thing is we had our anniversary on the 5th and then valentines so we decided to make a date for each other (I chose anniversary and he chose valentines). So for our anniversary I made him dinner and got all dressed up and set up the house all pretty with string lights and candles and music and it was really romantic. But for valentines he made me dinner at his house but 1. his parents were there the whole time (were both 18), 2. We just ate on the couch and watched tv, and 3. His best friend called him in the middle and asked if him and his girlfriend could come over and hang out which I said no but he acted like I was overreacting. I just felt like the whole night was so underwhelming and I we just feel like best friends that kiss sometimes. (Also he didn’t even attempt to do anything sexy or intimate and we haven’t had sex in like months).

I just don’t know what to do anymore and I feel like I can’t ask my friends or family bc they’re all biased. Please help.

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