Baby shower on your first anniversary? What would you do?

Elizabeth • Social worker * mom to Samantha * wife * baby girl #2 8-18-18*

Hey everyone, I need some advice. One of my friends is pregnant and she’s having her baby shower on my first wedding anniversary. She knows it’s my anniversary, she was in my wedding. Furthermore, it’s two hours away so I couldn’t just “drop in” and continue celebrating my anniversary. It would be an all day thing. My best friend says if I don’t go it could ruin our friendship. I say I wouldn’t expect her to go to mine if it was on HER first anniversary, and I wouldn’t pick that date in the first place. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to be a bitch but i want to spend MY anniversary celebrating what was MY day last year. What would you guys do? Am i being a total bitch and should I suck it up and go? Or is it rude of her to expect me to skip my first anniversary and drive two hours to her shower? Help!