SIL changed baby shower guest list to 140; is that normal?


I’m hosting my SIL’s baby shower (had a previous post asking for suggestions on dads and men at the showers). Originally she told me she was only inviting 20-25 ppl. I made her invites today and she created the FB event page. She invited 48, plus needs to deliver 20 more invites. That number does not include the children or spouses. This may end up being a shower consisting of a minimum of 140 people. Is that normal? All the ones I’ve been to have only been maybe 30 people tops. It’s her shower and I won’t say anything but I am now sort of in panic mode; I cannot fit that many ppl in my house, it’s in 4 weeks so it will most likely still be too chilly to even use my pole barn, people are going to have to park in our pasture and if the ground is wet will most likely get stuck and their shoes will be all muddy. I didn’t have these concerns when I was told the original guest list number.

Am I overacting panicking at that number? I don’t think it would be bothering me as much if I hadn’t originally been planning for only 20-25. And should I say something to her?