Pregnant through ivf! 😊

Jessi 🤰

Hi girls, this post is to express my gratitude to <a href="">ivf</a> (that I was so scared of) and everyone involved in my 3 years journey. I'm pregnant in my first <a href="">ivf</a> cycle. I'm still very early and afraid, as I have random pains that are unique to my experience. I started getting a mild shoulder pain from yesterday, woke up with a shooting pain on left abdomen one day, and had a few pulling pelvic cramps. I get very bloated and have had people ask me if I'm pregnant. They all come and go and scare me. I'm specially worried because I don't have a frozen embryo that I can have as a second chance either. This is my only one and this is special. My beta hcg on 14th came out as 78 and today, 5 days later it is 670. I was very stressed till today but now I'm finally feeling like I can be happy about it. From sonohystography and its false blocked tube results, then laparoscopy to find the tubes fine but stage 3 endometriosis diagnosis and removal, there have been a lot of fearful diaries. I found myself coping with <a href="">ivf</a> better than I thought. But losing eggs etc were a big blow. Well, it's hard but at least we can try our best. Best of luck ladies, baby dust to all of us. 🤗😘🤰