Universal credit uk

Me and my partner have a joint claim and our first payment is 1st of March just a week before my baby is due. I needed some extra bits for hospital bag so he rang and asked for an advance just incase our baby comes early. He came of the phone and told me they was putting £52 in his bank within the hour, they didn’t ask me the security questions and for my permission for it to go ahead which I found very strange as to my knowledge they have to ask me aswell due to it being a joint claim and will effect me too. The money we got just covered our food shopping so I’m worrying about him coming early as we haven’t managed to get everything. I’ve just looked at our journal where it says everything that happens and it states that he got given £121.74. He’s currently at the pub and has been for the last 12 hours, clearly spending the £70 he kept from me. I was wondering if anyone here knew if there is anything I can do about the money I didn’t see any of? I didn’t give it my permission and he only got it after he explained we was desperate to get the remaining things for the baby. The job centre isn’t open now until Monday so I will ring then and see what they say but anyone on here know anything that could help?