What would you do?


I am 18 and I have twin brothers who are 11 and for the last year or so they have been commenting on my clothes saying things like "you look bad/fat in that dress" or "those shorts are too short" or " I liked the other thing you wore" and Wednesday it was 75 oF instead of the normal 30oF and I wore shorts and one of my siblings said "you look so bad in those shorts!"

And I was hurt and told him that and told my mom and she said "next time just tell her you liked her other pants better" and told me "he doesn't like it when you dress skimpy. It makes him uncomfortable, he doesn't like his sister showing so much skin". And I was like "did you say something to him? " and she said it was something he came to her about. And she told me to stop showing so much skin because it is teaching bad ideas to them about how women should look /dress. And I said that it was hot out and them telling me what to wear was teaching them they can control a woman's body and clothing if it makes them uncomfortable. She also instructed me to stop wearing shorts above lower thigh, tank tops and or short pjs in front of them because they don't like it.

She's worried that I was put in a position of authority before I was "of age"because I was a summer camp counselor/lifeguard, and she told me to shut up about it that SHE is in charge not me and to stop trying to question her parenting, which I was definitely not trying to do!

What should I do? How should I approach this with my brothers without offending my mom?

It's embarrassing and I feel like a weirdo

And it's not like I'm parading around naked, we have always been a hippie family, and my mom frequently walks around the house naked and encourages the no bra movement at all costs.

But out of the house, my mom only wears ankle length dresses out of the house and until I was 13 I never wore any above my ankles either.

But those dresses however light are hot! And I gradually stopped wearing them. And I think she may still be slightly resentful of that...?