Feeling huge and not pretty at all.


I’m 35 weeks and 5 days with our second son. And feeling like a whale. Well we just had a package delivered a few minutes ago and the mail lady asked me when I am due. I told her I have 4 weeks left and she is like “wow you’re huge for still having four weeks left.” It really made me feel bad about myself. I’ve battled weight problems my whole life but am pretty healthy despite being overweight. I have had no complications at all my glucose levels were 97 and my blood pressure has been perfect the whole pregnancy. My baby is doing well and I know that’s all that matters but I still feel down about myself now. I hate that people especially women are so rude to pregnant women. I think I just carry big because when I was pregnant with my first son our waitress asked if I was gonna have a Christmas baby because it was December and I wasn’t due until March. When I told her that I wasn’t due until March she was super shocked cause “I’m so big”. It gets annoying. Here is the last pic I took of myself. If you read all this thanks for listening I guess I just wanted to rant because I’m upset

Here is me the day of my baby shower a few weeks ago.