stay at home moms

back story: last September my husband asked me if i I wanted to stay home with our children and quit my career. It took a lot for me to say yes, I'm a person who loves to work and I loved my career. I know a lot of moms can't stay home for financial reasons and for us it didn't make since why we had to pay a babysitter when I could stay home. Here is the down fall I've been struggling with. I cook, clean, wash the clothes, pay all the bills, take care of our kids, take the trash out. NOW THIS IS WHAT BUGS THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!! on his days off he doesn't do SHIT just watch tv and watch YouTube videos. he doesn't even bother to change our sons diapers I seriously have tell him our son needs a diaper change can you Change him! or take the trash out, feed our children or even help with laundry or even bother to wash a dam dish! I've brought this up several times all he says he going to try and change and try to do better..its now March and still nothing has drives crazy!!! I didn't ask to stay home I loved working and I don't know what to do anymore I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes... seriously....any of you mommas been through something similar did you see any change I'm I going crazy over reacting???