Baby came at 35 weeks


I want to keep this as short as possible if I can... my daughter was due March 10, and we were both done until Feb 5th(which is my wedding anniversary lol) I went to the doctor for a routine NST, and was informed that I would not be leaving the hospital without a baby, whether they induced me then or made me wait... my blood pressure had spiked to 158/118... I was in trouble... we were sent to a bigger hospital with a NICU just in case, and as my symptoms of preecclampsia got worse, they decided to get baby out quickly... I was on magnesium and pitocin, but my body wouldn't get any farther than 5cm dilated... after 2 days of magnesium for the blood pressure, the pitocin, foley bulb, 14 hours of stalled labor, and an epidural put in wrong that had to be redone... we made the decision to get a c-section at the 18 hour mark if no progress had been made... of course, it hadn't... At 10am on Feb 7th, the OR team came in to get me and daddy ready for surgery... all was well... I got to the OR, got the medicine, was put on the table, and surgery began... all was still well, until I felt them cutting... I felt everything they were doing on the right side of my body, and had to be sedated because I freaked out... in the end though, I went to the OR at exactly 10am and I had a beautiful baby girl February 7th 2018 at 10:34am... This is Mercy AnnGrace... my rainbow baby and gift from God