Dear Unmentioned

You broke me. You live in this house like everything is ok and it isn’t. You made my mother believe that you didn’t continuously have sex with me without my consent. You are a 40 something year old man who hurt a 16 girl. Yes I’ve had sex before but that doesn’t give you any right to still sit and talk bad about me whenever the fuck you feel like it. There are times where I feel very violent and what to hurt you but then there are others where I just never want to see you again and I would be fine with that. You took away the friendship and bondage we had. You were supposed to be my protector and care provider but all you did was follow your perverted mind set and have sex with me. You made me feel as if nothing would be the same if I told her. I was scared at first but after a while I got tired of being silent. I wanted her to know the truth of her boyfriend but nothing changed we’re still in the same predicament. You still live here and I can’t leave until I’m financially able to do so. So you know what fuck you and everything you desire. My heart breaks every time I come home because this is not what home is supposed to be.

—- butterfly out