Should I Marry Him?

I'm dating the most incredible man. He loves me, treats me like a queen, will be an amazing father and husband, and has the same goals and values as I do. We are in our late twenties. We are Christians, so we haven't had any sexual relations at all. My problem is this: I am not particularly attracted to him. I love him because of his personality and the way that we just click and get along so well, both emotionally and in our humor. I am so afraid that once I marry him and start having sex that I will be trapped in a prison for 60 years if I find out that sex with someone you arent attracted to kinda sucks. I am afraid to break up with him, too, because it's so hard to find such an incredible guy, especially one who is from my same ethnic heritage and who wants to do mission work like I do. What do I do?