Sharing my beautiful engagement


Just something positive I wanted to share with the world, and wishing everyone to those who are struggling to have a baby, your time will come. To the ones who are pregnant but having a difficult pregnancy, it will get better! And to those who have suffered a loss, I pray for peace and love in your mind and spirit, may God heal and comfort your pain and fill it with love again; this to shall pass.. I never thought in a million years I would ever get married, or get engaged. I thought it was just never in my cards. After 10 years, our son Christian and unborn baby boy, I was purposed to by a special man who is kind and caring and wouldn’t trade him for the world. We have been through everything that truly would tear any relationship apart but never leaving each others sides. I have witnessed my hubby in his darkest times, and man who broke, and still wouldn’t leave him down. He has held me up when I fell through really hard times that I thought I couldn’t get out of but he held me up and told me everything is going to be ok. Through it all love is what conquered all obstacles, brought us through and showed us that miracles do happen. Wishing everyone again love light and happiness to those in pain, suffering a loss, just trying to have a baby but think they can’t, it will happen!! I pray each of you reading this peace in the storm or just a shed of light and hope, thank you for taking the time reading this in my time of just being content in the crazy roller coaster called life!