So effing sick of it!!!

I am so sick of my husband and his mother's dog. The dog is old, and I love him, but with his older age he has become aggressive. My female Great Dane and cat both just got fixed today. My Dane is laying down on her bed trying to sleep and he gets up and starts bullying her for bo reason. So I made him go outside for a while. Well, I go out to bring him back in after a little bit. He started to try to run to jump on my Dane so I tried to gently walk him up while holding his collar. Well he wasn't having that and started growling and whining and bit me. I immediately turned him around and put him back outside. The entire time my husband is yelling at me asking if I am abusing him and hitting him. Like no I'm not harming your butt face dog, I'm trying to keep him from hurting my dog and himself. He didn't believe me and went to try and do the same and his dog bit him too. He ended up getting him to his bed with the dog being an ass the entire time.

I am SOOOO sick of my husband acting like I am the fucking devil and like I abuse our animals when I have never done anything to abuse them. I've never laid a hand on them or anything. Them I asked him to please do a few small thing's for me to help me with our dog and cat that got fixed while I tended to them and he gave me all sorts of attitude and everything. I'm just sick of this!