Anyone eles??


Some my Ob say im completely fine but im feeling like the only one. Plus, my mothers nagging me that i should gain more. So pregnacy weight was 175. Im now 29 week and 2 day and weigh 189. So i gained 14lbs. Ive been the same weight since december ,around the end of my 1st trimester. My docs complained that i gain all 15lb in my 1st trimester and now she is happy that im not gaining since im 5'2 and they consider me overweight....even though i dont look it. I take my prenatal religiously . Ive kept a decent workout regimen, but i feel like i should be gain a little more. Also since January, ive havent had much of an appetite . I eat breakfast around 8am and usually dont eat again until between 5-8 pm. Am i the only one?? My baby moves alot and is measuring normal but i cant help feeling slightly guilty that i might not be doing something right. Im a first time mom.