39 Weeks and Over It!


I’m 39 weeks today. Last scheduled appt is tomorrow. Doctor said at my last one that if I made it this far then we can discuss inducing me next week (prob Tuesday, I’m due Thursday) I really don’t want to be induced..if anything I’d be ok with him breaking my water but I don’t want the drugs to induce. But I also don’t want to go past my due date 😩

All week I’ve felt off. Cramps, back pain, nausea, acid reflux and BH. Last night my dog would not leave me alone. Today my cat is going crazy and my dog is driving me nuts!

I really just want something to start! Contractions instead of just BH. Water breaking. Mucus plug. Literally I will take any sign that shows I’m progressing!!

I’m walking, bouncing on my ball, and eating pineapple. Hubby isn’t comfortable with sex so that’s not really an option. I’m just so frustrated!!!