Parsley tea

Tamar • Just waiting on my bundle of blessings im 34 married for 11 yrs

So for years I’ve been on and off every progesterone pill to induce a solid period well ladies thanks to google and few forums I found a natural remedy that actually works I was skeptical at first so here’s the story no periods unless I take progesterone well my doctor refuses to give it to me every month and it’s kinda embarrassing to call every month and beg him to refill it well I started doing research to induce my period naturally and I made parsley tea I drank it for 3 days straight 3 times a day I cramped something awful for those 3 days. got out of bed this morning and bam there she was flowing free I’ve never been so excited to get a natural period without meds and I am on clomid so I’ll be taking that after my period fingers crossed for me ladies hope this helps someone struggling like me 💋💕✝️