Losing weight before ttc


Hello everyone!!! First time posting in this group. My husband and I actively were ttc for one month before I decided I wanted to lose some weight before ttc. I want my pregnancy to be healthy and as easy as possible! I feel like it’s only fair to me and my future baby to let myself be healthy first before we start ttc. This is the best motivation! I’ve had problem with my weight my whole life and I want to kick it in the butt! Anyone else make this decision? Anyone successful? I’m 5’9 and 250 right now (my highest weight ever) and I want to get under 200. This is the first time I’ve actually publicly posted my actual weight and it feels so good to be honest and accountable! Sending babydust to all those who Are ttc! 💕(this is me and my hubby on our wedding in October, I’m probably 20 lbs heavier now from being lazy and over eating 😣)