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Hi, Ladies. well im just going to say it. my roommate was pretty chill and normal up till tonight.

Okay where do i start, im pretty upset and hurt about all of this.

My roommate has house plants that are his responsibility not ours..but they are sitting in our room. mind u he never asked us once to water them or anything.

i watered them once or twice, just to be nice.

Well the plants died and he found out and freaked balls on us, screaming and cussing.

he even screamed at my 3 yr old.

I was just shaking and pretty scared, so i rush my kids back into our room and put cartoons on for them and this whole time he screaming and basically blaming us for the plants dieing.

I honestly dont remember him asking us once to take care of the plants....

and i should add he kicking us out on the 1st of April. we have zero place to go.

i mean does he have the right to just throw us out.?

What can we do.?

me and my husband was thinking about getting a motel for one night after putting everything into not too stressed about it.

im waiting till he calms down too, before i try to talk to him. i should add i think he was drunk during all of this.

but that doesn't give him a excuse to act like he did.

Im just dont like yelling or negative cause it scares me of past abuse..