Need advice.


I’ve been in a relationship with a guy who is the love of my life. We are meant for each other. Everything comes so naturally. Well he moved across country and I followed him. I wasn’t going to let him slip through my fingers. He has a 4year old boy and I have 2 boys 3&2, that I share custody with their father. They are in the previous state until the summer months. This being said I am around my So child, more then he is due to his work schedule. Yes the little tot goes to school and I work but I’m with him after school until about night time. When his father gets home. I try to step up and be the (parent ) when he’s gone with out over stepping. But this child misbehaves. I have tried rewards fun activities, positive talk, everything . But he is sassy. And doesn’t listen.. I’m exhausted.. I’ve tried talking with my SO and he’s always telling me that what ever the SO says goes.

I had seen a post is says be like a cat and not a dog... I have tried to do that and let the little sun spot come to me. In the hopes it will help and it haven’t changed anything..

I talk to my SO and we just argue ( he’s like “Who is the parent”) seriously... who parents him more. I then back away and just let the naught happen ... I get so frustrated at my SO over his child that I get so upset and sleep in a different room,

Honestly it hurts when he reminds me that I will always be second. Shouldn’t I be first ? I don’t know what to do. I’m so un happy so tired so mentally exhausted emotionally exhausted and frustrated. And the thing is that when I feel down I want to talk to my support people.. well folks it’s him. And it just makes me more upset because then I feel alone . Screaming in a dark room.

Please help. Kind words, advice, happy thoughts,

I’m about to break.