I’m stuck...


My OB that I work with here in the clinic is requesting to not see me until 10-12 weeks. I am only 5 right now. This is our first and as you can imagine I am very nervous. Nervous that there isn’t going to be something there.

I see others who are getting US at 7-8 weeks. I told her I’m nervous and would like to have one sooner. She said she can do a bed side at 8 weeks here in the clinic and no one would know. Which is fine. But I feel like I’m bothering her about it.

There is a first choice clinic near me that is doing free US for those 6+ weeks. They would schedule me and its private. I’m afraid however if they found something wrong how would I explain that to my OB that I went elsewhere...

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I do consider my OB doc a close friend. I’m so torn.

Keep in mind I’ve had no spotting/cramping. Very little symptoms.

Thanks everyone