How to deal w It??

anyone knows how to deal with a controlling strict mother? (I’m almost 18) I understand parents wanting what’s best for you but at this point its become too much. no social life I’m literally home all day everyday 24/7 I get depressed & I drown myself in horrible thoughts . every time I’m supposed to do something “fun” IT has to be with my siblings and parents It gets suffocating at times because I can’t hang out with people my age or even my bf . sometimes I sneak out and I don’t regret it or care because that’s the only time I can have any bit of freedom. I don’t do it often and I understand the dangers but fuck It yolo lol. idk what to do.. help🤦🏽‍♀️ also I do it because of the fact my bf lives 10 mins away (for all the ppl who tlk abt the fucked up shit tht can happen)