now its me that doesn’t feel it anymore

I just need to vent. Last year i caught my man commenting and messaging women on social media. I have no clue if hes ever cheated. I even had friends tell me they saw him flirting online w other girls. Hes blocked me from all of social media and his phone. I started snooping because we rately have sex and he shows no interest in it too. We have a daughter together been together for five years now. After i found this out i told him i didnt want to be with him anymore. His response was “ sorry i dont want to hurt you but i dont feel it anymore” fast forward he apologized and cried and said he F up. Now nothing has changed. Hes still sneaky w his phone and social media. Never makes me feel sexy or pretty. Never complimets me. I have been working out and got super fit to the point i wear my belly button ring again! He says “ dont you think your too old for that?” Im 26!!! Hes 30! Yet he sees no problem w all these women he’s drooling over on social media having kids and showing their half naked bodies. I get guys that compliment me and ask me out but im not that kind of woman to cheat. Im so fed up with this situation im in need of a man! That makes me feel like a woman. He swears he loves me but i don’t believe him. How is it that he can be all about telling girls how fine they are online but at home he says nothing to me. I see how he looks at women when were out like he wants them to look at him and tries hard to look cute( flexing and shit) im so over him and his bullshit excuses a real man would love to have a woman like me. Hes all about taking pictures of himself and our daughter but not one of me. He never posts me online. I just dont even know how to end this.. i wish i caught him cheating to have a bigger excuse to end things. I feel lonely and like im missing out on life by being w him.  i know im stupid but i just dont even know how to end it. Idk if i love him but I definitely care for him. All i know if it was me reading this id tell the girl to leave his ass. Im such a dumb ass i know. Just feel like shit about how i ended up w someone like this and i feel stuck. I daydream of dating other ppl sometimes and how someone else would treat me better. I want a loving relationship where the guy tells his girl how beautiful she is. When i see guys post pictures of their girls saying how lucky they are to have them i wish i had a guy like that.