37w2d and hurting badly 😫

Hi ladies I have a quick question.. I see my OB again today but I was just hoping maybe someone here has experienced the same thing and I could get an idea of what to expect..

I'm 37w2d today I've had high blood pressure since around 14 weeks and I take labtrol which has helped up till this week. Monday I went in for a check up.. my BP was 160/90, I was 2cm, soft but my baby is still breech so he said we would plan a c section for 39 weeks if she doesn't turn by my next ultrasound on Monday.. so while I was there he did blood work and checked my urine which all came back okay.. well Tuesday I developed an awful headache, throwing up and had a gush of fluid but I honestly figured I'd peed on myself since it didn't keep coming or anything. . nothing has worked for my headache though.. and then yesterday at work my vision changed and I could hardly see and I've been having awful cramps down low, in my back and also in my thighs.

Like I said I'm going to make an appointment to go back today but since my blood work and urine were okay Monday I'm curious as to what else he will do at this point.. 🤷🏻‍♀️