Everyone is pregnant around me and I jut can’t get happy for them

Laura • 28.07.17💙12.04.19💗United Kingdom 🇬🇧 been with my partner 4 years❤️

Long story short,

Me and my other half are trying for baby number 2. We’ve been trying since our little guy was 6 weeks old. He’s now 8 months. IM STILL NOT PREGGERS!!


I have an old friend who had a baby boy about 2 months before I had my child. She’s just told me she’s pregnant with baby number 2 and doesn’t know who the dad is. Her first baby she only sees on a Sunday as he lives at his nans.

Another old friend has a boy that is 4 weeks younger than mine. She wasn’t trying for a baby at all as she didn’t want one for a good few years. She bragged about me trying and told me not too... then She’s just told me she’s up the duff... like you just told me not to have another baby!!!

i want to feel happy for them because I am but I also feel like utter shit because we are putting so much effort and time into trying and we just have no luck😢 it’s a silly post but surely if you don’t want another baby you go on contraception. I sound like a bitch and I’m really not I’ve just got mixed emotions