hey guys. So, I’m sort of seeing this guy and have been for the past like 2/3 months. The first month was pretty cool like we would just hang out and grab food etc. But didn’t have sex. After a month we did it, and even since then it’s kind of been all we do now.

So he came round on Saturday and I asked him “what do you see me as? A fuck buddy?” He kind of paused and was like “well I fuck you and you’re my buddy so yeah?” My heart actually sank when he said this. Although, I acted as if it didn’t bother me and said something along the lines of “good because you don’t wanna catch feelings for a goddess like me”. (Bare in mind I was quite tipsy haha).

I’m unsure of what to do from here guys. I like him and the past week have realised that I think I’m catching feels?

Sos. Send help. Love x