Had my 20-week...


Had my 20-week anatomy scan (my boy is perfect) and boy what a story. I drank so much water. I forgot it was only supposed to be 32 oz...then they run 30 minutes late. so I'm sitting in the waiting room like

finally they call us back. get in there, boy is spine up in the breach position, with his head buried in the side of my uterus just sleeping away. they get all the pictures they need of him...except his face and his heart.

30 minutes go by and still nothing. so the tech starts shaking my belly...nothing. he doesn't even BUDGE. An hour goes by and still nothing. at this point the tech has me get up and jump up and down and shake my belly. I was there looking like

AN HOUR AND A HALF GOES BY and the poor tech has lost feeling in her hands from trying to scan me and poke me so much. so she goes to get backup. this lady comes in....

30 MINUTES LATER SHE GETS AN "OKAY" PICTURE of his face and heart.

and then they tell me he's in the 84th percentile. guys...this baby is going to kill me.

later that day I go for just a normal OB checkup and the doc tries to listen to the heartbeat...and he WONT STOP MOVING. I'm pretty sure this is what he looked like in there